Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Familiar Eyes

It was a cool morning, quiet everywhere else, except for some muffled sounds of sports commentaries I hear coming from the hall.

We arrived back at his parents' estate the evening before, and being in the middle of an oil palm plantation is indeed a big shock. Not a bad kinda shock though. It was different. Peaceful.

When we stood out in the garden at night, there were no sounds of traffic and the air was crisp and clean. And we couldn't see shit. Basically, it was dark, for miles and miles. A thin layer of mist was visible under the glow of the garden lamp. Nice and cold. We didn't need the aircon and went to sleep with weird sounds coming from outside, crickets and bugs. I wondered if there were wild animals roaming outside our window.

I didn't sleep all that well. The unfamiliar bed and pillows kept me up. I remembered tossing and turning, and getting up to go the loo in the middle of the night, only to be startled and jolted to my senses when I stepped on the icy marbled floor. As the sun rose, I was awoken by gunshots. I later found out the estate workers were wild-boar hunting nearby.

Later in the day, auntie brought out a whole stack of photo albums for me to entertain myself. I love old photos. There were at least 30 albums for me to pleasure myself with.

He was a cute kid. His looks didn't change much - that same bulbous nose, and the thick pouty lips. That cheeky glint in his eyes were unmistakable, but he wasn't fond of smiling. He was a cold statue compared to his younger brother who was a camwhore and as a kid, already struck every pose known to man. Camwhore brother is a pilot in training today. (I know, uniformed men... *drools*)

I chanced upon this picture he took with another kid, and they look about the same age. Malay or Indian, I couldn't tell. That kid was dressed in a red and white T-shirt, with matching red pants. His eyes, huge and piercing. His hair, longish and it fell to the sides, framing the uber-cute face. I took a liking to this kid immediately, and put the album aside. I wanted to ask the man who this kid was, and if he still kept in touch.

"That's Roy," he said as-a-matter-of-factly.

"Oh." I said.

I retrieved the album back from his hands and continued staring at the picture. "Oh, wow," I said again.

Now I know where I saw those eyes.

I woke up next to them before.


Did you have a good Christmas?

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