Monday, March 03, 2008

love juice

We were lunching with both of them from the dive centre (one of them being our instructor) and her 12 year-old daughter at a nearby cafe on a cloudy Sunday afternoon.

"Mama, what's Jus Cinta?"

That question went answered as her mother was animatedly telling us about their recent trip to Tioman.

Trust me when I say that this mother usually does not ignore her daughter, but when you have a kid who can talk non-stop without breathing, it can get a wee bit tiring. Heh, but I find her adorable lah. The man says it's probably because she doesn't live with me.

No doubt, some truth there.

"Mama, is Jus Cinta lovejuice?"

Mother stopped whatever she was doing and saying and we both had "the look" in our eyes before we burst out laughing.

"No honey, it's probably a signature drink at this cafe," the mother tried explaining with a straight face. (The cafe had the word 'cinta' in its name).

On our short stroll back to the dive centre, little 12 y.o. kept bringing up 'lovejuice'.

"Mama can we try the lovejuice next time?"

"Mama do you think lovejuice is yummy?"

Do you think this is a case of her naivety or our twisted-ness?

Posted by Doreen at 11:00 am