Wednesday, April 09, 2008

withdrawal 101

It was a cold and wet night yesterday.

So unlike the stickiness of the warm, salty air of Tioman.

We were at home, watching some tele with our usual venti latte from Starbucks. Halfway through, our hands subconsciously reached for the dive log-book which were still on the coffee table, yet to be kept away.

We read in silence for a few minutes, reminiscing I guess.

The boyfriend then got up and walked to the ironing room.

I drank some coffee, and nonchalantly channel-surfed for a bit. A few minutes went by, and still no sight of him re-appearing.

Curious, I made my way to the room, and lo and behold - found him seated on the floor amidst the already-cleaned-and-dried-diving gears. Our wetsuits were hanging off the shelf, masks back into their respective casing, the BCDs and regulators were near the bag, to be returned to Lynette soon, and his bright yellow fins were standing up against the wall.

I smiled, and joined him on the floor.

"I miss using them already," he said.

I cooed an agreement, and we just sat there, in that ironing room, for the next 15 minutes looking at those gears.

"Maybe you can put your mask and fins on when you go into the shower?" I asked him.

Posted by Doreen at 5:07 pm