Saturday, May 10, 2008

being girly

It was supposed to be an interview, well, kinda. Or rather, it was scheduled with the intention of being so.

But it wasn't one of those that required you to dress up in a suit, bring copies of your CV and fill up silly forms reiterating information already found in the CV. Coffee Bean for a Friday mid-morn cuppa he suggested. I couldn't agree more - it was just down the road from my office, though I never order lattes here.

He called my name, I turned around, came face to face with him, and extended my hand. I wondered if he noticed my pupils dilating.

Simpson (not his real name) was tall and strikingly handsome. Instead of a fair, pasty-skinned Caucasian, he has an even golden tan. His hair, brown, but it also told stories of a man of wisdom, maturity and experience.

He looked immaculate- suave in a white crisp shirt tucked into a pair of faded blue jeans and a pair of dark brown leather shoes. He transferred the briefcase into his left hand, and responded with an equally firm handshake.

I was to choose a seat while he placed his order. Regular latte, 3 shots- I heard one barrista saying to the other. The seats on the inside were all taken and so al fresco it was to be. After deciding on a strategic table - i.e. fan nearby, I took a moment to contemplate if I should let him have the seat which faces the view (of shops and general people traffic). I remembered reading in Dr. John Gray's Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus that men don't like having their backs against entrance doors or open areas. They like to have a sense of control and view over everything, reducing any threat or danger that may come unto them.

I decided against giving him that liberty though.

I settled down and quickly sent an SMS to a girlfriend - Shiieeeeet! He IS cute! - and turned my phone to silent.

He walked towards the table with his coffee and a smile across his face.

And there I was, in all my glory of being 27 years of age, smitten like an 16 year old who refuses to head home after school but ends up heading to one corner of the sports hall to secretly watch her 'idol' play basketball.

Remember those days?

Remember how your heart would beat excitedly when the said male specimen was really close by? Like standing in the next queue at the school cafeteria? Or when your girlfriends giggle and tease you whenever he's within sight? When you and your girlfriends gave him a cute nickname which allowed gossiping and 'alerts' when he's nearby? When you chose the route that goes pass his classroom to get to the ladies? Or when you walk past each other on the stairs?


*sighs and dreamily reminiscing*

So we exchanged a few pleasantries, including a mention about my girlfriend who had a hand in introducing us, and he asked to tell him more about myself.

Interview, right?

I made myself comfortable and re-crossed my legs under the table. Soft denim. It was an accidental brush okay?


... to be continued (maybe)

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