Wednesday, May 07, 2008

kaki ayam

Did you see me at Midvalley today?

Or rather, did you see a girl walking about Midvalley/Gardens with no shoes on?

I had an appointment at the Northpoint offices today. Have you been in there? There are a grand total of, like, 30 bays for visitor parking.

Not wanting to give up, I went in and out the parking lot a couple of times cos it only takes like 40 seconds to round the parking lot. No need to pay, so nevermind lah.

The guard eventually advised me to park across, at the mall. I peered from my car and noticed the bridge connecting the mall to the Northpoint offices. But of course, there was a crawl going AROUND the mall, and so I took the closest exit, and parked at the Gardens.

Not too far right?


So I walked - from one end of Gardens, crossed over to Midvalley, went to North Court on the first floor thinking that the bridge was there (but it turned out to be the bridge leading to the KTM trains), walked back to down to the info counter on Centre Court Ground Floor, and was then directed to the bridge which is actually at the North Court Ground Floor, walked the bridge, then made my way across from Tower A to Tower B - all these time, in my pretty 3-inch strappy gold heels.

When I reached the client's office, not only was I panting like a dog (I know - lack of exercise!), but a second longer in these heels, I would tell you to take my life instead and to spare me the pain.

Yes, you dumb twat! It was THAT painful!!!

When the meeting ended 30 minutes later, I almost did not want to leave as my feet had not recuperated enough under the table. I packed my bags slowly and made my way out. I stared at the gigantic mall across from me and wondered how on earth am I going to make it there alive.


Once I entered the mall, I promptly took my heels off, hung them off the briefcase I was carrying and made my way to the Gardens, and then to my car.

And with me not wearing any shoes, the HSBC sales people were still pushing credit card application forms in my face. Sakit gileeerrrr OK? LEAVE ME ALONEEEEE!!!!!

Oh well, shoes not needed now :)

Posted by Doreen at 3:48 pm