Monday, May 26, 2008


It's bright and sunny out there. A perfect day for the beach. Or an excursion to Klang. (sorry- inside joke)

Being the dreamers that we are, we have a knack of cooking up images of these exotic beaches in our heads- no matter where we are.

"I see a deserted beach with a huge daybed, scented oils, ice box with drinks, the crashing of waves, sunset approaching, and an improvised barbeque on the beach..."

"I see a deserted beach with a huge daybed where we can lounge after a couple of great dives, outdoor massages, ice box with drinks, the crashing of the waves, a magnificient sunset, barbeque of fresh seafood, a quaint little pub with some rastafari-looking musicians where we'd have drinks, and end the night with a banana milkshake on a breezy night with candles lit along the entire pier providing a beautiful backdrop", said I, providing an extended imagery.

"When do we leave? Should I start packing?" I ask.

He plays along and tells me what I should be packing.

And you just can't help but smile.

Dreams they are.

Day dreams.

Happy Monday people :)

Posted by Doreen at 2:01 pm