Wednesday, May 28, 2008

please die

There are people whom you have lost touch with, or an old crush/flame who you hope you would bump into one of these days. Maybe in a mall. Maybe on the streets of KL. Maybe at a pub.

Then, there are those you hope you will never have to cross paths with. EVER!

I don't have that many names in the former category, but the list for the latter keeps growing.

Been lucky so far, in not crossing paths with the ones I don't want to meet.

Except for one.

He's a dickhead that one. The frustrating part is that I keep seeing him around.

The sight of him makes my skin crawl. The sight of him makes me want to vomit.

Argh!!! Why do I still bump into you? Of the millions of KLites in this city, why can't you just disappear into the crowd? Why can't you just jump into the river? Or stand in the middle of the NPE and let me run you over once and for all.

Gosh. I'd love to mess up your face.

I'd love to be able to crack your skull and hear the squish squish of your guts and intestines under my car tyres.

I'd love to see your carcass squashed on the road like a roadkill.

Die, you ugly sonofabitch, DIEEEEE!!!!

Posted by Doreen at 5:42 pm