Thursday, June 26, 2008


He insisted on going for the meeting with me, despite it being MY client.

I found it odd, but thought that since I am selling a new product now, and he's got more experience there, that perhaps he just wanted to help me in securing a deal.

The meeting was due to start at 11, and I told him way ahead of time that should the client ask us out to lunch, we will politely decline as I've got another meeting right after that. He agreed.

During the meeting, he spoke, mostly. I tried butting in, but he would cut me off along the way. I kept my cool. We wrapped up at noon, and the client asked us to join him for lunch. That bastard jumped on it and agreed. Desperation smeared right across his ugly white face.

I went along. There is no way I am going to allow him to have lunch with MY client alone.

All through lunch, he and the client chatted about golf and rugby mostly. I hate golf (hit, walk walk walk, hit again, walk walk walk - where's the fun yo? Sorry Tiger, eventhough I think you're damn hot!). I watch rugby now and then, but never understood it to fully sit through a whole game.

I found out that the client is a diver too, and had just returned from a trip to Tioman. I tried steering the conversation to diving, but he would only steer it back to golf and rugby. Son of a bitch! I was praying fervently for him to choke on his beef curry.

It obviously didn't happen, because he's made plans to play golf with MY CLIENT.

Now what? I need to take up golf in order to sell?

Posted by Doreen at 9:19 am