Tuesday, June 03, 2008

butterflies: check!

Every year, I get involved in a production with The Oral Stage.

It's like an annual pilgrimage, a Haj of sorts if you wish.

It's the eve of The Opening.

And the butterflies have arrived.

*flutter flutter*

Then I remember something from the last production, Screwed at KLPAC.

It was hours before opening. We were doing warm-ups.

Brana, Rachel and I were comparing butterflies. It didn't help when the aircon was freezing. Someone said butterflies weren't just fluttering by anymore.

They were clawing in our stomachs.

So, eve of The Opening huh?

This is it.

A round of mojitos from La Bodega for the cast before each and every show would be nice.

I think the butterflies will enjoy a mojito. Or two.


Cops in Seremban are nicely getting high on K.


Posted by Doreen at 11:23 am