Monday, June 09, 2008


Coming from Old Klang road this morning, just as I was approaching Midvalley, a grey Proton Wira swerved into my lane from the left side, with absolutely no prior indication that he was going to do so.

I cursed, and honked at him incessantly. In fact, I actually went trigger happy with my honking, cos bastards like them deserved to be honked at.

He stepped on the brakes suddenly, and I did too. I cursed again.

The door swung open, and out came a Malay chap. Let's call him Fuck Face, or FF for short. FF looked like he belonged on a bike, and not in a car.

FF walked towards my window and started banging and punching my window, while screaming a string of expletives. I stared at him, and praying that my window doesn't break and I'll have shards of glass stuck onto my face.

FF was really angry. And I - I was really scared. In fact, I actually cried. Fear, shock, panic.

He went back into his car and drove off. I didn't dare overtake him, in case he tried anything funny. So I followed him from behind, ever so cautiously.

We reached Brickfields, and at the traffic lights in front of the police station, I whipped out my phone and took a picture.

FF must have saw me doing that because he stepped out of his car and came to my window again. He demanded to know if I was taking a photo, and another string of profanities ensued.

I opened my window, just a small crack, so that he could hear me loud and clear. 'Babi gilaaaaa!' I said to FF, before going into the reverse gear and speeding off. Just before I sped off, FF threatened to break my legs.

Turning off to head to Jalan Bangsar, from my rearview mirror, saw him heading straight on along Jalan Tun Sambanthan. Phew.

I went to McD's to buy me an egg McMuffin after that.

Fuck Face in a grey Wira with license plate WJJ 1539, I curse you to a horrible death in your car. Tonight I will write your number plate on a piece of paper and beat you with my wooden clogs.

Posted by Doreen at 11:56 am