Thursday, January 22, 2009

90s teenager

So I bought this little black dress last week, and ohmigod, I love it! I cannot wait to wear it out, but so far, have not gotten a chance to (read: no where to wear it to).

It's not meant for the New Year, since I already bought a not-so-morbid-coloured dress for the first day.

I put the dress on again when I got home from the mall, twirled around in it, sashayed around the house and all. Should have taken some photos!

Realized something - in terms of fashion, I've made a 180° change! I gave it a thought, cringed at what I remembered and came up with 5 simple questions about the past. I sent it off to a few people.

1. What did I use to wear?
2. What about accessories? Did I wear any?
3. My hair - what was it like? Or how did I wear it?
4. What was the one thing you never saw me in?
5. How would you describe my fashion sense?

Daphne (sister, 2 years younger)

Stefi (knew her since I was 17, post-highschool)

Dora (highschool classmate)

Jaclyn (also highschool classmate) sends an email saying "I agree with Dora totally about what you used to wear!"

Shreya (another highschool classmate) added this, "I remember most of us (if not all) had checkered shirts we'd wear. Doreen, I think u did wear a bracelet sometimes and those friendship band things that all of us used to wear!!"

Tee-shirt tucked into my jeans? WTF? I really did that? Then I remembered how Kelly and Brenda from 90210 had their shirts tucked into the waistband of their jeans too!


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