Tuesday, January 06, 2009

SWV: Part 2

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting to you...

... the awesome SWV Resort on Mabul island.

Merely saying that this is one kick-ass resort and that I had one helluva holiday does not seem to do much justice to it... but I really, really love this place!

To people who head to SWV many times in a year, you can ignore this post.

The Reception / Lounge area has a bar and a sofa area. There is also a TV and a computer (surfing from your own laptop is free, but is chargeable if you use this terminal).

When I got into the room, I actually went, "Shit, they have no aircon", then realized how stupid I must have sound.

Really, who needs aircon in a room like this? You open the doors to the verandah, you see the sea and feel the breeze. You open the windows, you see the sea too. Or your neighbour lah - depending on which window.

Do you know what it feels like going to bed every night in a room like this?

You don't fall asleep to the sounds from your stereo/mp3 player. You don't fall asleep counting sheep. You don't fall asleep to the sounds of traffic. You don't fall asleep to the rhythmic tick of your clock. You don't fall asleep the sounds of your neighbour's TV.

You are lulled to sleep by the sounds of water swishing right under your chalet, and the breeze sweeps through the room from the windows and doors left open.

I've never been to heaven, but this must be what it's like!

The entire resort itself exudes such a magical feel.

There is a watch tower, which so happens to be right outside our room...

From atop the tower, you can feel the entire structure moving (!!!) when the wind blows. The view is glorious though, as you see the sea and chalets spread out below you.

Oh, and there's a helipad too!

And then of course there's the Dive Centre.

The Dive Centre is well run, spacious and very organized.

Nothing beats 5-star service when diving- i.e. when people do everything for you and you just have to remember to take your own mask, fins and weight belt onto the boat! Me likey.

I love the sun deck at the dive centre. Watching the sun set from here is glorious.

I made myself a cup of coffee, opened my log book, and the sea spread out before me... Gosh, I wanna do this everyday.

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