Friday, January 02, 2009


PETALING JAYA - 12-year old caused a ruckus at Hanazen @ Jaya One on New Year's eve when she ejected bits of edamame beans through her nasal orifice. The beans had been ingested orally a few minutes earlier, but after a series of laughter, "she blew them into a piece of tissue paper while clearing her nose!" shared a witness.

Dinner with Lynette, Mel, Shen and Albert was an enjoyable affair. We ate, we shared, we laughed.

Toffee nut lattes make good dessert.

What were you doing on the stroke of midnight as 2009 ticked in?

Me? I was changing the bed sheets.

Earlier in the afternoon, I sent my car for a wash too. No, don't laugh. It's no small matter - I have not washed my car in, uhmm... 6 months? So yes, a clean car to usher in the new year.

No. The bed sheets did not endure a 6-month no-wash.

How was your 2008?

In January, I made my first solo-leisure-travel to Bangkok. I realized I never blogged about the trip. Pictures here though. I started a new job, doing sales, and I can now proudly say that I've been there, done that, no more thank you.

In February, I was on my way to being a PADI Open Water Diver, and was then doing my confined water sessions.

I celebrated my birthday in March - how I don't remember. No entry on this either. Turning 27 isn't exactly sweet you know?

In April, we got certified in Tioman! It was definitely my highlight of the year.

May was a busy month, rehearsals for How I Learned To Drive were in full swing. I was tired.

In June, my best friend got married and I never made it to attend because we were in the middle of the production at The Actor's Studio in Bangsar Shopping Centre. I was stressing out about my sales job. To change or not to change?

July saw us heading to Mataking in Sabah. It was fantastic I tell ya!

In August, I was torn because I saw something I wanted, but could not have. But I started employment at a new company.

Tough times descended upon us in September, and it worsened by October. Kar Wai left us too, after years of battling with brain cancer.

November was stressful, but she kept me sane.

December was delightful. Seven Deadly Scenes opened at KLPAC. Work was madness, but each day of madness drew us closer to the much awaited trip.

New Year resolutions you ask?


Oh, except maybe to wash my car more often.

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