Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Mid-Week Trauma

Why, oh why is the week moving at such an undesirably slow speed? Usually the five days just zoom past me really quickly.. But this week is different. Monday felt like ages ago! But today.. today is only Wednesday!

Since Monday, I haven't had the motivation to work. At all. It's a sorry state mind you. When you have got heaps of work waiting to be completed.. and all I am doing is sitting around moaning and waiting for Friday to arrive!

The best part? This fucking company still have not gotten my wireless card for me.. Which means, I can't check my mails from my own work station. Which means, I've gotta take a 10 minute walk to the next block to the computer lab to check my mails there! ARGH. Everytime I realize I need to send a mail, I've gotta walk to the friggin' computer lab. How shit is that?

And not just emails, every now and then when I'm bored and tired from work, I like to surf around, play some games online, etc. Sigh. What a drag now that I can't do any of these.

OK.. I realize that I complain a lot don't I? I can't help it.. Really : )

Maybe I'll just go get a life or something... Or.. I can go back to the report I was doing, which I was supposed to send to Jolene.. Hmm. 2 days ago? HAHAHA...

Toodles now.

Posted by Doreen at 1:30 pm