Wednesday, July 30, 2008

joy at work

There was once a very smart lady, let's call her Joy.

Now, one working afternoon, Joy got home at 3pm, pleased that being in sales meant that she could manipulate time and meeting schedules.

Of course, it did help that she was smart.

After watching some tele, Joy decided to head to bed for a nap. At 6pm, her phone rang and she sat upright on her bed staring at her CEO's name flashing across the screen.

"Ooooh daaaaaaamnnnnn! Now what?"

She decided to not answer the call, thereby giving her a couple of minutes to think.

What Joy did after that was pure brilliance.

She ran out of her house, went into her car, started the engine, pumped up the volume on the radio, and then returned the CEO's call.

"Yes boss, you called?" asked Joy innocently.

"How did your meeting go?" he asked.

"Oh, well, I waited for the client for 45 minutes, and she didn't arrive. I left after she called to tell me that she's still stuck in a jam, told me to head off and that she'll reschedule with me again," she explained.

"And where are you now? Are you coming back to the office?"

"No boss, it's 6pm, I am actually on my way back home cos I left Pavilion at 5:15, the traffic is insane I tell you! I'll see you tomorrow OK boss?"

"Oh alright. See you tomorrow then."

Joy turned off her car engine, went back into the house and continued where she left off.


All characters are fictional. Any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is purely and most definitely, coincidental.

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