Thursday, January 29, 2009

SWV: Part 4

In less than a year after being certified an Open Water Diver, we got 'massaged' into taking our Advanced.

The rationale?

"Since you are already there doing the dives, might as well lah!"

Our first skill was Underwater Navigation. Unlike navigation for Open Water, where we went a straight line and U-turn back with a compass, this time round, we had to navigate in a square.

We had a go at it on land, and subtracting or adding 90 degrees didn't seem so hard. But when underwater, and after 20 kick cycles or so, I cannot see the point where I started from, coupled with a little current pushing me off course... I, uh... didn't end up where I started.

As a result, we had to repeat our navigation skill in another dive, and we cleared that thereafter. Oddly, the second time we did our navigation, the sun was setting and it was dark, but we probably were much more confident.

Deep Dive was another skill we had to complete. We did this skill at The Drop Off / Turtle Cavern @ Sipadan, and we were at a depth of 24.7 metres. To see how depth (and pressure) affects our judgement and alertness, we had to do a Math equation underwater: 1 รท 1 x 1 + 1

I proudly and confidently raised one index finger to indicate my answer =_=

Peak Performance Bouyancy had us repeat a skill we did during Open Water, and we were asked to hover. We giggled at Futaba's antics cos that girl is so damn light and the tank weighed more than her, and so she kept tumbling backwards.

I was looking forward to doing my very first Night Dive. On this dive, we also had to do night navigation. Because it was only a straight line and back, I confidently swam away. After reaching the required number of kick cycles, I stopped, and wanted to do my U-turn.

Jeng jeng jeng!

I got disoriented in the dark and didn't know which way was which. Panic sial. But my first night dive, despite it being quite intimidating, turned out pretty cool. Shrimps' eyes light up like rubies in the dark!

Our last skill, we had to choose from a list... and we went for something straighforward - a Boat Dive, just to get all 5 skills completed. Er, we back-rolled from theboat, and voila- boat dive done! *grins*

And my card arrived in the mail yesterday!

Whale shark, ftw! :)

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