Wednesday, January 19, 2005

OK, I know I desperately need to update my blog, yet I keep putting it off, day after day, after day... So typical of me. I procrastinate. Big time. And I feel ugly about it. I don't want to, but can't help it at times.

When I don't blog, I still make it a point to visit the other blogs I just have to read everyday and continue being a voyeur. When I read Pok Ku's blog today, which led me to his daughter's blog here, I suddenly thought of Christmas night back home in JB recently.

I was 21 and in Perth when I finally realized how much I've missed them. Where did all the years go to? I only remember seeing us as fighting and arguing. A lot. When the time came for us to be gossiping about boys, sharing clothes and make-up, discussing MTV and Brad Pitt, I left home for college, university, and now my career.

Sure, during the years away from home, there were the occassional emails, phone calls, birthday cards.. but I never gave much thought to them. I figured "Yeah, well I think that's what sisters are supposed to be doing!"

Yes. But now I think we could have done so much more! But it's slowly changing. We're all now in our early 20s with Serene, my youngest sister who is turning 18 this year. I think our bonding is a wee bit late compared to most siblings, but hey, better late than never!

It was Christmas Day already as 4 of us sisters sat on the bed at about 2am in the morning. Maybe the whole "family togetherness" got to us, it being Christmas day and all. It was a good "sisterly bonding session" which lasted till almost 5am in the morning and our eyes were so sticky, either from fatigue or from tears, both happy and sad.

You'd think, 4 girls in the family where the age gap is 6 years between the first born and the youngest, imagine the fun we could have had! But I missed it all. I missed growing up with them. And no matter what I do, time ain't gonna be going on rewind mode now.

I caught up recently with a high school friend from the days back in Jakarta. He, like me, were among the few Malaysians at GMIS. After 8 years of disappearance, bless Friendster for reuniting old friends! Catching up over cigarettes and coffee at a Green Coffee Giant outlet in town, it was indeed a nice, warm feeling. Perhaps the weather had something to do with it. Curse the heat!

However, as we got started to get reacquainted... much to my surprise, K told me he had a crush on me while we were in Year 10. That was our last year in GMIS. We didn't speak much in school, just the 'Hi' every now and then the juvenile teasing and jokes. He was in the "bad ass" gang of boys who gathered behind the school gym by the what-GMIS Management-called-the-soccer-field and smoked their Marlboros. I was in the preppy group of girls who took our studies rather seriously and we hung out at shopping malls and did sleep-overs.

K asked me out today in the you-know-what manner saying that he wants to now do what he didn't have the guts to do back then. All of a sudden, I felt so small in my swivel chair as I stared at our chat box. Yes, it is very sweet of him, but dude, "I just wanna be friends you know what I mean" I uttered in many, many sentences which fortunately, he understood (bless you!).

I had a good time catching up with him. And I believe we're going to have so much fun when we go out this Friday night... and many, many more fun outings in the future. Imagine the uproar we will cause amongst our school friends who are now scattered all over the world. I can envision a Bulletin Notice on Friendster announcing that K and Doreen are officially dating in KL. HAHA. *shudder*

Anyways, welcome back to my life K!

Posted by Doreen at 4:07 pm