Thursday, December 16, 2004

It's just a wee bit pass 4 in the afternoon, and yes, this is my third entry of the day *grins* Well, I've decided to dedicate more of my time to penning down another entry in hopes that I'll kill some time. Come 5pm, I'll do a li'l bit of paper work and then at 6pm, click-click goes the sound of my heels as I sashay out of the office.

I went to the mall just now to check out this promotion for the launch of a gym here in Cheras. You know, that blue gym giant who gives you an ugly school-bag when you sign up and insist that you sign up because, hey! fitness should come first!

So I went to their promo area in the concourse area of the mall and found out and Mandy was busy signing some other people up. I thought I'd wait. After a good 15 minutes, Mandy was still yakking away with that odd looking couple. Middle aged I reckon. Man was balding. Woman was hiding behind a thick, dark pair of sunglasses.

Finally, Mandy came around and grouped us with these other women who were waiting for her. Then she looked around and indicated to me that she still has to speak to another person first before she can be with us. She also asked if we mind joining them so she can brief us as a group. Hell! Whaddya think? I'm attending some lecture? I stood up and said, "Forget it" and briskly walked off.

Oooh.. Bitchy aren't you?

Posted by Doreen at 4:27 pm