Tuesday, December 07, 2004

A Single Creature

As we sat up on the rooftop, she related to me her pain and anguish of what if feels like to be hurt and betrayed by this... creature.. a creature who's hands when holding us gives us love, warmth and security, a creature who's words weaken our knees and makes our hearts swoon with glee, a creature who we so love despite their little idiosyncrasies, a creature who will make our hearts go soft and our heads high in the clouds when they call our names lovingly or when they look at you as though you're the most beautiful woman in the whole world.. How can a creature of such, so dear and loving, cause her so much pain?

I can't say I know the intensity of her pain. True, I may have been hurt by that same species, but each experience is our own, and only we will know how drastic it is or the magnitude of our pain it inflicts upon our hearts and soul.

But woman to woman - we know what it feels like, we know the drill, we know the basics. It's either you put up with it, give him a second chance, or you gather whatever is left of your pride and dignity and walk away - albeit slightly crippled at the moment, but we'll manage. We all do.

A friend once told me, "I'm no quitter - I choose which battles to fight".

In this case, if this is the man of your dreams and you know you are meant to be - isn't this a battle you should fight? Or do you think you're worthy of creatures with a higher sense of intelligence and hence, walk away now while you still can?

But how do you know which battles are meant to be fought, and which are just plain pointless?


Posted by Doreen at 5:34 pm