Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Supernatural Powers

A pair of deep-set eyes and a bright cheery smile greeted me as I turned to the left to see him. I held my gaze on him momentarily before turning away shyly. We exchanged smiles and flirtatious eye contact before he gestured for me to wind my window down. We both did, and made small talk for a few moments, till the lights turned green.

He moved into the same lane, came up behind my car and flashed his lights before moving back into the other lane. We drove side by side for a while more, all the time still exchanging glances at one another... Finally, he waved and took an exit.

It was surreal.

*smacks myself in the head* Why didn't I ask for his name? Or a contact number? Shucks. Now I'm never gonna know who the hell he is! Dammit. Oh, but he was cute!


OK, so let's get back to the real world now. That took place a few days ago, but still can't get him out of my head. A stranger! A stranger did this to me? Sigh. If it was Ji Sun, she would have chased after the guy in her Satria GTI and made sure he pulled over... though I think she would have followed him all the way till his next destination if he didn't stop! She's a crazy one that girl.

Oh, something freaky happened 2 weeks ago. While having tea with Stefi...

Stefi: You know Allan and Rowena broke up?
Doreen: Yeah...
Stefi: How did you know?
Doreen: Err... not from you?
Stefi: I only found out about this last night!

Then it came back to me. I dreamt about this last night - I dreamt about Allan and Rowena breaking up!

According to Freud, dreams are manifestation of the day's events or happenings in your mind. When people sleep, the gates of SUB-consciousness are opened, and the things that stayed in your subconscious slips out... hence the formation of dreams. It may not be the exact representation, but there is relativity.

Say for example, I went to a green grocer today called Green Fingers. The dream could take form as... dreaming about owning a garden filled with lots of pretty flowers, and me tending the garden every evening after work.

Get my drift?

But the thing is, I tried hard figuring out what the relativity is - but found no connection whatsoever. My only connection to Allan and Rowena is via Stefi, and well, I haven't spoken to her for 2 weeks till that afternoon when we had tea!

Woo Hoo! I've got supernatural powers!

Posted by Doreen at 9:33 am