Saturday, September 25, 2004


A crime has been committed. Yet the authorities claim they can't do nothing. Of course you can! Don't you watch CSI? Screw the cops here. I mean the most common way to solve a crime would be fingerprints right? But no. They think it pointless.

Probably because I'm driving a Kenari. Probably because I didn't lose much. But a crime is a crime. Not just because an individual didn't suffer much losses, then you don't bother to investigate further! When a crime is solved, it will stop that criminal from repeating it. It will also act as a deterrent to others who have thought of committing the same crime.

Bloody hell. All you did was take pictures of my car with the window smashed to pieces. What good is that? There was a witness who spotted the one of the number plate of the motorcycle, but when they ran a search for the number - it was a number owned by a Chinese dude who drives a Kancil. Stolen number plate. Stolen car. Whichever. So why don't you brush my car for fingerprints? You'll get something won't you? They smashed my windows, meddled with my locks on both fucking sides of the door. They open up my glove compartment. They took my little coin drawer thingie. There has to be a fingerprint somewhere!

And screw the rainy weather. With one window smashed, I've got to stick plastic over that space to prevent the rain from coming in and soaking my seats.

Bloody assholes. Does it take 6 men on 3 motorcycles to smash one measly car window of a measly Kenari? And 6 guys got away with a pair of my cheap sunglasses and some coins. Thrilling wasn't it?

Thank goodness my CDs were all still there, else I'll be even more crushed. Thank god they didn't take the audio player. But damn, you know it's just the hassle of it all! I spent a good 1.5 hours in the police station with Al. Both stoning at 5 in the morning. But no luck with anything.

Screw you who did this to my car. It was really my baby. I love it to pieces. I was so crushed when I saw the pieces of shattered glass all over my seats and on the road. Screw your whole damn family too. I hope you crash on your stupid bike. Better still, I hope you get run over by a huge trailer, and get dragged for miles under the trailer's huge tyres.

Any lottery freaks out there who are thinking "Give me the numbers you fool!".. Well mine's 6128 and the allegedly stolen number plate was 1195. Maybe I should make this my first lottery bet. Go ahead - be a superstitious Chinese and buy these two numbers from all the lottery shops. What have I got to lose now?

Shit. My mind is blank. I haven't slept a wink since last night. Gonna rush off to Kajang for a 4-hour DJing stint after this.

Big great thanks goes to Al.. and of course Resh.. Resh IS the man. Don't know what I'll do without them both.

Sigh. What's done is done. It's over. Move on Doreen. Stop harping. But wait, I would like to end this by saying, "I hope you all burn in hell for smashing my window!"

There you go. I feel much better now. Of course, I don't really mean it you see. But it just feels good saying it.

Posted by Doreen at 11:46 am