Thursday, September 02, 2004

Who's the Enemy?

You will hear girls and women complaining about how men ill-treat them, or that men are such heartless jerks and ought to be banished to the bottom of the sea and never to resurface again.

Then again, these men are really not that cruel and heartless - as compared to women themselves! As a female, I feel ashamed saying this - I think us women are hypocrites. We have all these talk about girl power, uniting females all around the world, etc, but when it comes to bitching about one another, we are also the loudest and nastiest to complain about other females, as compared to our male counterparts.

WE are our own enemy.

Take for example, Jane, she just recently got herself a cK underwear lookalike model as her boyfriend. They will say: "They won't last long.. When he gets bored with plain Jane, he will chuck her aside!".. or "She must be real cheap, a cK underwear lookalike model like him never will go out with plain Jane!"

Then Jane loses some weight because she's been hitting the gym very often. So they will go: "Oh my God.. Look at her bones! Do you think she's anorexic?"

So after breaking up with cK underwear lookalike model, Jane went for a make-over, new hairdo, change of wardrobe, etc. She now looks stunning and struts her stuff around with an air of confidence. What will they say then? "Oh look at her! She must be a real slut, first the cK underwear model lookalike.. I wonder who's she trying to bed next?"

Who says these things? Chances are it's the women.

Why do we feel a need to belittle people from our own sex? Why can't we feel happy when our girlfriend dates a cK underwear model lookalike? Why can't we be proud of her when she loses the extra weight around her hips and has now gotten a new hairdo and has taken to dressing up better? Why do we say nasty things about her?

Envy. Competition.

I think on the whole, women are more competitive than men. Men are laidback creatures who just want their beer, sports and sex. Anything else, they turn a blind eye and deaf ear to. To them, life is simple, blissful, if they have the 3 things.

Women have a stronger urge to outdo one another. Who snags a richer boyfriend? Who's got a bigger stone on the ring finger? Who lost 7 kgs in week? All that and more!

Now you know why the term bitches are specially reserved for us. Hmmm... I wonder what are the boys like, really?

Posted by Doreen at 4:34 pm