Monday, August 23, 2004

My Teapot Friend

I've been occupied all weekend. Working the whole of Saturday and getting so depressed over work on Sunday as well. DJ-ing on Saturday at 3 different venues was fun! The crew, this crazy bunch of fun people and we all had a good time. On Sunday where I teach, well, I'm thinking of giving it up.. It's tough. The students are really poor and I really don't know if I can go on explaining why we have to use "is" instead of "are" or why use "have" instead of "has". I know, I give up easily, so sue me.

I've also been offered a permanent job DJ-ing at a local mall every Saturday and Sunday.. and well, it's either I teach, or I do broadcasting. The other good thing is, I'm meeting Christine tomorrow. She and a few other people set up a new lifestyle magazine for KL yuppies and they are looking for freelance writers.. So let's see what can come out of tomorrow's meeting.

I have a feeling that opportunities are heading my way, but judging from the current state my life is - a complete M.E.S.S., I don't know if I'll be able to make full use of these opportunities. I just need to sit down, re-assess, and well, focus I suppose. Friends tell me they do that all the time, but why can't I? I seem to always be jumping up and down, just going with whatever that comes my way and it's usually a bumpy ride all the way. But damn, I'm just so not a planner. Then again, bumpy rides are fun and exhilirating! HAHAHA. (Think: White water-rafting! How cool is that!)

It's that time of the month - I'm bloated, tired, my back aches and I've got pimples. Fresa was complaining about something over lunch today.. and I put a deaf ear to it all. When she was rattling on and on, it sounded like nails scratching against a blackboard. Yes, it was that bad. I just got so irritated. I know, it's just the hormonal imbalance. Sigh.

I've been a bad friend. Over the weekend, Leonardo was in Singapore. He flew in from the States. He left me emails for me to call him at the hotel, and well, I didn't check my emails during the weekend till I came into the office this morning. I immediately called the hotel in Singapore and they told me he checked out yesterday.

Leonardo is a big, cuddly guy I met in high school. He's ALWAYS laughing and giggling, and is real cute! I remembered he stood in front of the class and sang, "I'm a little teapot short and stout.. Here is my handle and here is my spout..." He would even put in all your little teapot-y actions. HAHA. He's now in the States.. hmm, gosh, I don't even know which state he's in! And he calls me "bar-girl".. The only person that calls me that, and he don't mean bad at all.

When we do meet up one of these days, maybe a few months or years down the road, I know what we'll be doing - guzzling beer! HAHAHA. He's promised to buy me so many beer I lost count of them all!

David left on Saturday evening. I didn't even get to see him off at the airport. I wonder what's gonna happen to the band now? Inverted Coma will never be the same again! As Jason puts it - yet another period of uncertainty for the band. Well, at least I know he's met Sim Yin *wink*, and I'm sure she'll help him out all she can right?

Hormonal imbalance gets me all emotional too *sobs*

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