Tuesday, August 10, 2004

She's All That I'm Not

Feeling ultra sluggish today. Didn't sleep all that late.. 3am was it? Hmm.. Mind just not working. Feel like going home, turn on the air-conditioner in the room and climb into bed. That'd be nice wouldn't it? Except, we can't always have what we want.

Ah... Look what I found in Daphne's picture folders..

This is us girlies. Heh heh heh... Look at Elaine's hair! She's such a hammie!

No, the empty beer cans have nothing to do with me! Honest!

Engaging in a brother and sister feud.. We now have reigning champion Dickson Loo, who will now take on his younger sister, Dorothy Loo!

You know, I'm always one to project a cold and cool exterior. I'm not one of those girls who squeals at the sight of plush toys, or like frilly, lacy stuff. Yet, my best friend, Stefi is all that I'm not.

She's cute. 2 nights ago, I was hanging out with Lily and Pascal.. and she sms-ed me. So I told her I was around Cheras. The sms-es that followed:

Stefi: Do u still love me? How come you didn't come look me up?
Doreen: HAHA. Of cos I do. Well, you're so far away in PJ lah! So I'm with Lily.
Stefi: u don't love me anymore. juz bcos lily is slightly prettier than me, u have decided to hang out with her? aww..
Doreen: HAHA HAHA! don't be silly. i love u.
Stefi: so u still love me as much as u loved me before?
Doreen: yes, now stop being silly.

Then last night, as I was in bed waiting for Al to come pick me up, she sms-ed me, "Can I ask you a question?".. To which I replied with a short "yes".

After some moments, "Do you think you can give me back the Stitch that I gave you last time? I'll get a new one for you?"

I burst out laughing. Yes, this is so her. About 6 months back, her car got broken into and the bag she left in the back seat was taken. In it, was the a Stitch plush toy, the exact same one that I have - she gave me one. She was devastated that Sticth was lost.

So I told her of course she can have it back, and I'll drop by with it one of these days. She thanked me and said, "Do u mind? I kinda cant get over it :-("

HAHAHA. Again, I had to laugh. It's silly. But I don't mind it if it's in small doses you know? : )

I love that woman!

Posted by Doreen at 1:06 pm