Monday, August 09, 2004

3-inch, Black, Strappy Ones

I guess I didn't make a wrong choice afterall. Anderson and Boon Wah keep telling me that Borneo Ink really is good. So I went there on Saturday with the intention of checking out the prices. I then proceeded to make an appointment for next Sunday. Eeek! This is it!

Then this morning when I came to work, Boon Wah showed me a magazine which featured Borneo Ink in one of their feature stories. They interviewed Simon (a tattooist) and Walter (a piecer), both from Borneo Ink.

Yep, it's next Sunday. I'm going for the moon-shaped tribal looking one. I try to ignore that feeling of knowing what mom and dad's expressions are gonna be like.. But their faces, twisted in shock, keep popping up in my head. But I'm still going ahead with it. Hey, I paid a deposit at Borneo Ink! : )

The weekend was fabulous. An ultra-tiring night on Friday, hanging out with Nhoc, and then we were joined by Anderson.. and we went to so many places in such a short time! After dinner at KLCC, we chilled at BarFly, Beach Club, Passion, Atmosphere, Liquid, and finally, Chinatown for a hearty supper. My feet hurt so bad when I got home. Saturday was nice too... After doing my own thing during the day, I joined Anderson, Grace, Eugene, Pink and Nhoc for a night out again. We were at SaVanh, and then went to Velvet. Both places rock. I love SaVanh, though I've only been there a couple of times, it's a nice chill-out place. Velvet is nice too! I prefer Velvet more than Zouk I think. Velvet's chill-out house is pleasant to the ears as compared to Zouk's hardcore one.

And no.. that picture is not a representation of my Monday.

MU lost to Arsenal last night. I dread seeing Al tonight cos he's just gonna tease and rub it all in. He gloats over every one of Manchester's losses. He's just got some inferior complex.. then again I can't blame him. So loyal to Liverpool, yet they hardly ever bring him glory : )

I broke my favourite pair of heels on Sunday. The straps came apart. Went to MidValley last night to buy a new pair. It was depressing - Didn't find any that I like. It's torture! I went to some 5 or 6 shoe shops in about 45 minutes.. tried on some, and at some outlets, didn't even bother a second glance.

Black heels are the safest to wear for work. Whatever colour your outfit is, you can always wear a pair of black heels. I prefer strappy open-toed ones. So I browsed and browsed.. sigh, but to no avail. Some of the designs and cuts I see are nice, but the heels are not high enough! The ones with the height that I want, don't carry the designs that I like! What ever happened to 3-inch simple strappy heels? Are they so hard to come by now? Don't come tell me it's old-school.. Cos black strappy heels will never go out of season.

Or do they? Hmm...

The spider is pretty neat too huh? Oh no! The more I look at more designs, the more I want them all done!

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