Saturday, July 31, 2004

Welcome Home!

I'm feeling abit tipsy from the wine we had over dinner. It's the light heady feeling.. Not quite enough though. Would prefer more. HAHA. It's always nice to be home, to see the familiar furniture, to step on the cool marbled floor which mom keeps so clean, the bed and pillows, the food, everything. Then again, I'm not the one to be able to stay home for more than a few days on end. This time round, it's just gonna be for a day. Going back to KL again tomorrow afternoon.

Unity 5 was good last night. Eventhough the guys waited for ages for their turn to go up on stage, I thought it was a pretty good night. Despite the crappy sound system as always, everything else was good. Then halfway through their set, Jason has told me to say something on behalf of the band to David. So I did my little speech thingie.. It was something short and sweet. But in the end, David told Jason that he was truly touched : ) I'm gonna miss David heaps! What's gonna happen to Inverted Coma I wonder...

After the gig, managed to catch up with Al for a bit. He was a tad moody.. Probably coming down with fever for being caught in the rain earlier in the evening. Don't usually like to meet up with him when he's in this sorta mood.. Oh well, thank goodness no arguments or fights.

It's a warm night here. Hmm... Lemme think. Maybe it isn't really warm.. probably just the wine I consumed. I think I'll go lie down in the room and do some reading.


Posted by Doreen at 9:45 pm