Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Otherwise Known As...

Had an embarrassing encounter last night. I sms-ed Anderson asking him if he's free tomorrow morning cos I wanted to talk to him, some work related issues that needed clarification. So then he didn't reply to my sms, but called me at around midnight from his home phone. I don’t have that number stored in my phone. When I answered the call, he said, "Yeah, wassup?" Puzzled, I asked who was on the line. He said, "Your ugly boss!" HAHAHAHA.

That is how I usually refer him as to my other colleagues - colleagues not within the department. And I've never said it while at the office. Only via sms-es to certain people.. Like I will text Angela and say "Me and my ugly boss will be heading off to Bangsar tonight for beer. Wanna come?" Stuff like that. But of course I don't mean it as in he's really ugly… It's just my nickname for him. HAHAHAHAHA. I know... It's a bad nickname huh?

Then of course I laughed when he called himself 'my ugly boss' – but whatever, I just brushed it off. He didn't tell me how he knows that that's what I call him, and I didn't bother pursuing further. Hehehe.. But it was embarrassing! I wonder how he found out... tsk tsk.

It's good to be back at work - our comfortable space with the jolly happy people in the department (when we're not super-stressed out with them Biblical characters that is). We've just added another member into our jolly happy family - Lalitha. She'll be focusing solely on client servicing and especially them Biblical characters which I so loathe. So I'll mainly be assisting her in the QC area, proof-reading copy in ads and stuff like that. This I guess will give me more time in developing a new magazine - my dream magazine for the University - a purely lifestyle mag targeted at young school-leavers and college-goers. It'll be fab!

Think I might have to make a quick trip down to JB this weekend. Gotta go back and pick up the car. I've been delaying this trip for ages... Might as well get it over and done with. Hmmm... 

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