Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Senses 6

Vagabond sleeps on empty street
Lovers' eyes that refuse to meet
Bitterness carved in hardened clay
A drowning sun that ends the day

Gentle rays of bashful sun
Lips to lips, bodies one
Woods crackled and fire danced
Baby's grip on Mommy's hands

A needle prick, a piercing cry
Frail bodies that money buy
Bleeding hearts and drunken woes
Mother's child walks out the door

That first kiss on her cherry lips
Scent of spring, so clean and crisp
Hues of pink the candy store
"I love you, now and forever more"

Hungry eyes of unbreakable stare
Muscular hands that stripped her bare
Strangers meet at smoky bars
Mike and Lizzie in Daddy's car

Angry souls in grounds beneath
Howling seas under the cliff
Broken hearts that cease to heal
Dried bloodstains that leave a trail

Posted by Doreen at 4:48 pm