Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Stand-Up as Opposed to...?

I know it's a small matter that I have with Fujia, but it has been bugging me over the weekend, and right up till this very moment. I hate knowing that someone is pissed off at me. Plus, this is for no fucking apparent reason!

So the story goes..

On Friday night, I was already lazing around in my pyjamas in my room.. getting ready to sleep, when Fujia called asking if I wanted to go out for coffee with them. It was past midnight I remembered.

I was hesitating, but then decided to go cos my stomach was rumbling.. I thought I could go and grab a bite of something light. Then again, what irony. There's no such thing as "something light" in Malaysian supper. HAHAHAHAHA. Anyway, that is another story altogether.

So I went out with Fujia, David, Lily, Patrick and Lavigne.

Then a VCD seller came around to our table and Patrick bought a VCD. The next thing you know, Fujia was pestering Patrick to allow him to watch the movie first. Something wrong already right? I mean, hey someone just bought something. At least you have the decency to let them watch it first before asking them if you can borrow it, am I right?

So Fujia kept pestering, and Patrick kept saying no and that he wants to watch it first. So they were bickering back and forth for a good 30 minutes.. and I was just sitting there watching. Till I could take no more.

I told Fujia, "Let Patrick watch it first lah, afterall he was the one who bought it."

That was when everything blew out of proportion. Fujia asked me what's my problem and that he was just asking. Yes he was just asking, but after repeated attempts and failing at it, it's time to quit isn't it? But no, he just kept going at it.

I told him that it's common courtesy and decency that when people purchase something, you let them use it first, not pestering them to allow you priority. Then he came back with something like, "So? I didn't have no formal education!" I'm like.. What in the world was that?

And then we argued over this at the table... I mean all I did was make a single comment, and his face changed colour and he threw his temper at me.

I think he's still mad at me. Lily is probably standing on his side and hating me as well. Cos on Sunday afternoon, when I sms-ed them all asking if they wanted to go to Liquid, he didn't reply. But Lily only replied at like 10 plus in the night saying, "Sorry. Have fun".

Seriously, do I have a problem? I mean, it was a small matter, and all I'm doing is to try and just go back to normal, in hopes that they'll see it as my way of trying to make things work. I mean, hey, there is NO way that I'm gonna say sorry. I'm not even wrong to start off with!

But it's OK. He's more than old enough to differentiate between right and wrong. He should know that he's at fault. Somewhat. Even if we both are so strong-headed and refuse to apologize to one another, well, the least we can do is get together and hang out and well, in hopes that bygones be bygones.

I'm gonna give it a last try tonight. For the past 2 or 3 weeks, we've been hanging out at Bangsar every Tuesday night. I'm gonna drop him, Lily and David and sms to invite them to hang out tonight. Let's see what results I'll get this time... If still no reply from him.. Well, I've done my part don't you reckon?

Seriously, I don't even know why time is wasted on such trivial matters you know? I mean, damn, this is hideously childish! Juvenile! But what can I say? A guy 20 years of age... With their inflated ego, hate-the-world, my-parents-are-a-bunch-of-fucks-attitude, oh.. I can't go on...

Spoke to Heng about this last night too. He said this is extremely childish.. HAHA.. Need you say that? I already know! So anyways, he was in his usual "big brother" attitude and told me that he's on my side if he ever had to take sides cos he don't see nothing wrong in what I did. He also said to rest early, sleep well, and that he'll try "settle" this tomorrow. HAHAHA.

Anyways, I find this whole episode absolutely hillarious.

Posted by Doreen at 9:20 am