Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Oh what a night!

Last night went out for drinks with Stefi and Chris. Dropped by this new place where Naresh works.. It was good to see familiar faces around. Indeed a reminscence of the good old days of OneUtama.

Got there at about 8:30pm and finished two beers in the next hour or so. In the hours that followed, I insisted on drinking iced water because I was going to be driving home. Meanwhile, Chris and Naresh were just guzzling beer and I, well, I sat back with my glass of water.

Finally, at about 2:00am, we all decided that we should each have one beer for the road. So I did. One last beer. Which fucked me up. I happily drove home seeing how the night has been great. I didn't have much to drink, am sober, and caught up with two old friends. What more can I ask for on a weeknight?

As I exit the highway and took a turn, a police block was right up ahead. At that very point in time, I was still damn confident of myself, knowing that I had not gone over the limit. I happily turned off the music and wind the window down and he asked me if I had been drinking. I wouldn't dare say no, so I said yes - one glass. He asked me to pull over. I was panicking by then. He told me to get down the car and to blow into the breath test thingie and the red light came on. How can this be? So he said he's gonna drive my car back to the police station and I started to cry. Also said that there is no point I explain now, tell the judge that I'm not drunk in court tomorrow. I tried to sweet talk him and see if I can wiggle my way out. He said no. I got back into the car and made a few phone calls to a few people.. Chris, Naresh, Al.. and they told me to stay calm and try my best to get out of it by paying some money. Shit. Fucking policemen.

I didn't have much left.. Some 80 bucks? Eventually I gave everything. He initially didn't believe that that was all I had but I showed him my empty wallet! Fucking greedy bastards! So pissed.

All the while I was in tears.. and he was being so sacarstic, "Why are you crying? If you're so scared, next time don't drink and drive!"

So I handed him over the entire content of my wallet and he let me off. I called Naresh, Chris and Al and told them that I was OK. Chris and Naresh were really nice and so worried! So Chris told me to call him when I got home safe, which I did. So upon reaching home, I called him and while talking, I heard background voices which didn't quite sound right at that time. I asked him where he was. He was drunk. Way way drunk when we all left Bojangles. He kept saying that he's OK and won't tell me where he was. Finally he said he is having some problems with his tyre.. I don't know what or how or how serious it is, but he assured me that he's at a petrol kiosk and that an attendant there was helping him. What could I say? I just told him to take care and drive home safe. He sms-ed me about 30 minutes later saying that he's now home.

Oh, what a night huh? But it was a good learning experience.. There's a first for everything huh? Those fuckers were just out to scare me I swear, and all they really wanted was some quick money. I'm gonna curse that fat bastard for the rest of my life man!

Anyways, anyone knows how does a breathlyser thingie work? When I first blew into it, the green light came on first - then after a second, changed to red. Is it supposed to be like that? How can one beer make me go over the limit?

Indeed a night!

Posted by Doreen at 9:52 am