Thursday, June 03, 2004

Stephen found Steve...

Apparently, my ex-Manager Stephen the Dick, has found a new subordinate by the name of Steve. Steve was looking for me yesterday when I was on MC. So he got talking to one guy from Student Affairs.

Guess what? Steve asked Boon if Doreen had problems with Stephen while she was under him. Oh wait till you hear more.. Yesterday was only his second day at work! So Boon asked Steve where he heard the news from.. And Steve muttered like "someone told him". So Boon just shrugged it off and said he knew nothing about other departments.

I wonder who can be such a blabber mouth.. Geez. I'd better be careful to not spill so much to Steve, despite the fact that I would absolutely love to badmouth Stephen the S.O.B.

Anyways. Woke up real early this morning.. Well, earlier than usual. Lily and Pascal had 8:30 classes and no ride to go to College, so I volunteered to pick them both up from their place which was round the corner from my house. And upon getting to their respective classes.. Pascal discovered that his lecturer is absent today. And Lily's class is postponed to 2pm. HAHAHAHA.. So much for getting to school early eh? If it were me, I'd be fuming. I hate it when things like that happen. Especially when it concerns my efforts in waking up early in the morning!

Ah.. There's plans to catch up with a friend tonight. There's plans to hit the town tonight for drinks with some friends. There's also plans to just laze around at home in my old, faded shorts and tee shirt. Decisions, decisions, decisions. They're a bummer aren't they?

Last night, as I was lying in bed in the dark waiting for sleep to befall, I decided that I was gonna seriously start looking for a new job. Maybe I'm getting bored with this organisation. Maybe I don't like what I'm doing now. I don't like a Client Servicing portfolio. I want something where I am able to use my creativity to get a job done. I'm gonna find a way to print out copies of my CV today and then start mailing them out. Hmm.. The Secret Recipe is looking for an A&P Executive some weeks back. I wondered if they have found their candidate yet. Perhaps should give them a call today and enquire about it.

I've contemplated speaking to Anderson about it. About how demotivated I've become to walk into the office everyday and feel that I'm not making full use of my abilities. But upon further consideration, I think - what's the point? The organisation does not really have the porfolios which I'm looking to do. Sure, there are the occassional writing tasks and editing tasks that I get to do, but that's not too often you see.

The Erican Language Centre has assigned another class for me to teach. Another class of 8 or 9 to teach Basic English Reading. Tonight is the first BER class. I saw the syllabus yesterday and it was outrageously kindergarten material you know? Like naming body parts, etc. So I asked the Centre Manager, "What is the age group of this class? Kindergaten and Primary school kids am I right?" He then told me that it's a group of young working adults. I gulped and choked on my own saliva. A bunch of young working adults who can't read simple words? So I said, "Are you sure?" He said, "Oh yeah. We gave them an entrance test before deciding which level to place them in.. and they couldn't even finish reading a 2 liner paragraph". Whoa. I must meet them.. Though, thinking about it now, it IS gonna be kinda scary isn't it? A bunch of 20-something year olds who can't read simple words like STOMACH, ANKLE, ELBOW, etc. Oooh.. It's gonna be one helluva class!

I think I'm gonna be super nosy and go check out the Steve guy now : )


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