Monday, May 31, 2004

Monday Blues is on Sick Leave

The weekend was relaxing, thrilling, rejuvenating, exciting - all in all - fabulous! Did the things I wanted to do, chilled the way I wanted to chill as though in paradise, and ermm.. even did my laundry? *wink*

Checked into the hotel on Friday night. Chilled to the max. Checked out on Saturday afternoon. Had a decent rest at home. At night went drinking. Sunday checked into the hotel again. Chilled like I've never chilled before! HAHA. And umm.. checked out on Monday morning.

To the people who made my weekend a blast - here's to you - *cheers*. Don't need to name them, cos well, I know they won't be coming by in here.

The rain has been horrendous in KL lately. Come every evening, a storm cooks up over the skies of the Valley and just pours it all out on the earthlings. It's bad. We have flooded roads, low visibility which increases traffic accidents, strong winds.. Well, it's OK if you are inside a high-rise building and you've got a view of the entire city as you watch the rain slash down. But imagine if I was on the road driving? The traffic congestion, the strain to my eyes.. Brr. Shudder at the thought. To top it all off, it's not even the rainy season yet! Ack! Is that a sign of global warming? Hik hik hik.

I hate driving in heavy downpour.. cos those damn vipers distract me. HHAHA. And in the heavy rain, I gotta make them vipers move faster to clear the water of my windscreen.. and the faster it goes, the more distracted I get. Windscreen vipers are not such a good invention afterall.

Scoot off from the office Friday afternoon right after lunch.. and didn't come back into the office today.. Monday.. till past 11am. HAHAHA. Yes, yes, thank you for the Slacker Award. I wanna thank god, my friends and family.. for without you, this Award would not have been possible. HAHAHAH.

So Miss Universe is tomorrow isn't it? Hmm.. Read about that stupid comment made by that chick from one of the countries in South America was it? Where the natives are red indians or something? Well apparently, she went up on stage and said, "I'm blonde, tall and white".. cos most people presume that those from her country are of Indian descent, short and have dark hair. I think she got disqualified or something. Racist comment. Hell yeah! Classic example of a dumb, white blonde eh? HAHAHA...

Anyways. Better go find something useful to do. Start of the week.. Gotta try pump up my motivation!

Posted by Doreen at 12:07 pm