Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Teacher Doreen sez...

I don't understand. I slept at 1:00am last night, woke up at 8:15am this morning, and am still utterly sleepy. Actually I woke up later than 8:15.. And my hair is in such a sorry state! HAHA. I didn't even bother fixing it up with barette or anything. It's just falling all over the place! HELP!

I had a pretty good class last night. However, I just found out that one of this girl dropped out. So now my student count is sitting at 8. It's a small group, yeah.. But it's a good size. I even told them to come in here and start up their own blogs.. Read this article in the Sunday Star about how blogging helps student with their writing and narration skills. So it'll be good for them.

I've got a funny bunch of them in class you know? Chee Wei is a glamour puss. She comes in with hair perfectly done, nails immaculately polished with the season's colours, outfits that are so tres chic and well, she's very quiet. Kian Bin is one hillarious dude.. He's a nice looking dude who's very jovial and giggly! When he speaks of something funny, he'll be trying hard to contain his laughter and covering his mouth, AND speaking at the same time. What comes out is some muffled mambo jambo that I can barely decipher! Sudha is an ultra-shy mouse! I wish I can get her to be more assertive, be louder and participate more often! Sometimes when I ask her a question, she just shakes her head and smile. Linda is a 30-something year old housewife who has an amazing vocabulary which she is afraid to use! On the occassion when she inserts a big word into her writing and conversation, she would know exactly how to spell the word, know the use of the word, but not able to pronounce it. But that's OK. Fu Wei is a bright kid. She's a deep thinker I think for she hardly speaks up in class, but when she does, what comes out is brilliant. Wei Kay is your average Jane kinda girl. Chubby, with long hair and she needs to learn how to speak up more often! Jasmine is a teacher in a Primary school.. Very outgoing and is always one of the first to volunteer to present anything that I get them to do. Teik Wei is like a closet romantic. HAHA.. He's a computer game addict, looks like your average Joe, but knows how to play the guitar. Hehe... He's quite a S.N.A.G. type of guy I think...

Last night at about 10:30, I went over the Elaine's place with a slice of cake from Secret Recipe. At the hallway outside her apartment, I was busy opening up the box and sticking a candle into the cake and trying to be as careful as possible (knowing my klutziness) to not drop the entire piece on the floor! Hehe.. When everything was all set, I stood by her door, called her on the mobile and told her to open up. You shoulda' seen the look of surprise on her face! Hehe.. It was nice being able to give someone a pleasant surprise and to make someone smile like this. I feel like St. Nick!

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