Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Did You Say Atrocious English?


Then again, what's new eh? It's been a relatively peculiar weekend. I say peculiar because I do not know how to describe it. It was slow and boring at times, and also tiring and hectic on other times. Weird isn't it? Joo Thye's wedding went well I suppose. I mean, OK, so I haven't been to so many weddings to gauge whether or not it was a good wedding. But it was crowded and hot most of the times.

OK, this is a very traditional Chinese Buddhist wedding. All the midnight incense lighting ceremony to pray to the Heavens, the combing of the groom's hair as he wears his pyjamas and new shoes parading around, the tea ceremony, God, the tea ceremony. This is one the most boring, tedious and not to mention LONG things I've ever gotta sit through! OK, I'm being a wet blanket here aren't I? OK, it's not that I don't wish the newly-weds well. I wish them eternal happiness and love as a couple with babies on the way!

Heh heh heh. But seriously, all the uncles, aunties, grand-aunts and uncles, grandparents, elder cousins, grand-cousins, grrr... Just so many people. And imagine you have to sit through that at BOTH the bride's and bridgegroom's side of the family! Ouch isn't it? And the weather.. God, the weather. I can't imagine how Pei Pei is feeling in that thick, white wedding gown of hers. Plus the make-up and all the hair-do and whatnot.

You know what? When people attend weddings, they get all romantic and think of the day when it will be their turn to get married. But after attending a wedding, especially a Chinese wedding, I hate it even more. I don't wanna ever get married this way!

And then, there's the wedding dinner.. all the protocols, the nosy relatives, when will it ever end?! OK, not all traditions are bad. I just find that some are tediously unncessary.

Then again, at the end of the day - I'm just a Chinese girl from a Chinese Buddhist family. It's not going to be so different afterall is it? Ain't gonna cause no revolutionary changes now am I?

We got back yesterday evening from Penang and went straight to the studio where the band was auditioning Natalie, and as of last night, all of us officially welcomed Natalie into the band, taking up the position of Rhythm Guitarist with Inverted Coma. Congrats to her! She rocks! When I saw her last night, she was in this short denim skirt with princess looking shoes and a pink top. She had nice shoulder length curls which softens her face. But her guitar was a red, sleek looking thing. The first thing that caught my attention was a sticker that read "Wake Up Motherfucker!" I love contradictions. So then she played Superstar? and Ordinary Joe with the band.. And she rocks! She's got the style and groove, and well, we all decided that she's in!

So it's back to work today. Heaps and heaps to do. That's why I hate coming back to work after a long weekend, so many things to complete, so much to follow up, etc.

Then again, I take comfort because this is gonna be a short week -a 3-day week to be precise because I'm off again on a holiday on Friday. Going to Damai Laut Swiss Inn Resort & Spa up north in Lumut. Well, my Manager's gonna be there, so is my CEO and his family.. then there are a few other people from the company. It's not exactly a company trip.. just some conference thingie. Whatever. It's a holiday (despite the presence of bosses) with the sand, sun and sea. No complains.

While I was not at the office yesterday, a drama unfolded. Why am I always at the wrong place at the wrong time? I would have love to smack Moses in the face.. If only I had been here yesterday.

Last year, TWO Advertising was our agency who took care of our art direction and copywriting of advertisements. This year it's back to being in-house jobs. So I took a body copy of last year's campaign (which they so loved back then!) and amended it slightly to fit into our current campaign. Moses came back to the team and complained, demanding to know who wrote the copy. They said Doreen did, and asked him what's wrong. He said that the English is utterly atrocious and that it makes no sense. So when Anderson told me this over the phone yesterday morning when I was still in Penang, I was fuming. I explained everything to him, and told them to make sure Moses gets a copy of last year's advertisement so that he can see the text within that particular ad. Honestly? It wasn't much of a change. Just a few words here and there, and a few additional lines towards the end. Sigh. If only I was at work yesterday, I would have given it to him nicely, be what I do best, my forte - an A-class sarcastic bitch.

Anyways. I've whined enough. Back to some serious works now.

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