Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Cookie Jar

Him and me, we fell into another one of those silly, senseless misunderstandings again. It's damn stupid I swear. But what can I do? When I say something like, "I don't like being ignored", he replies with "And...?" Or when I say, "So why the silent treatment?", he will reply with "Nothing much..." Great isn't it? Am I supposed to decipher that and make some sense out of that few empty words?

So then it was just hanging again. Men. So typical. Women. Very typical too. Why did God ever create us both so differently and expect us to live together? A tad insane if you ask me.

And this soccer fever is just madness! We have wacky stories in the media about how a wife smacks her husband in the head with a remote control and hid away the ASTRO SmartCard because her husband snuck out of the room at 2am in the morning to watch the Live telecast of a match. Then we've got another wacky wife who has a padlock on her fridge so that her hubbie can't get a drink in the middle of the night when he wants to sit and enjoy a Live match. And guess where did she hide the SmartCard of the ASTRO decoder? Bingo. In the fridge which is padlocked. She probably has the keys stuck up her vagina or something.

So some say I'm mumbling. But whatever man. Thank goodness I'm not down with another one of my mid-week hangovers this morning. Last night was Monster's birthday bash. About 7 of us got together and drank ourselves silly at Pascal's apartment. Tequila is still a classic drink man.

Posted by Doreen at 3:33 pm