Monday, June 14, 2004

Rest in Peace, Jagger...

As I hurried my pace into the office this morning, excited to see how all my pets are doing after the weekend while I was away, I was praying that Froggy would be alive cos I know he wasn't eating well.

So I eyed Froggy and tapped on the side of the tank, and he jumped and hopped around a few times. I heaved a sigh of relieve and channelled my attention to the 3 newts. There he was, floating with his face and body bloated, and eyes all blurred with a layer of icky stuff all over it. I squealed and backed off. It was a gruelling sight! His mouth was wide open too! As though he choked on something.

As I flushed him down the toilet, I muttered 'Goodbye Jagger' and saw the water wash him off. That was the end of Fatso. Talk about how Monday sucks! Let alone coming in to find a dead pet!

After removing Jagger from the tank and changing the water for Fatso and Spidey, I had trouble swallowing my breakfast. One frankfurter, one hash brown and a sunny-side up.

The weekend at the Swiss Garden Damai Laut Resort in Lumut was fun! It was relaxing and the sun and sea, and not to mention the beer and the food, did me good. It was indeed rejuvenating. We even went kayaking! And poor Donna who was in the kayak with me turned over and fell into the sea as I got off the kayak cos we were nearing shore. HAHA.

Since it was a Christian conference to start off with, there were these seminars, workshops, focus groups, quiet time, etc. that I made a point to not attend. Well, I took this just as a cheap holiday and wanted to get away for a while. But Anderson did make it a point to give me a bible. And I learnt how to use it too. But hmm... What's good of a bible to a non-believer?

Anyways, Fresa, the new Graphic Designer is here today. So are the three Indonesian interns assigned to other departments. Young university kids.. Met them at the retreat in Lumut over the weekend... A great bunch! Oh Donna is one of them!

Here's hoping that Jagger is on his way to a better place now.

Posted by Doreen at 9:12 am