Tuesday, June 22, 2004


Inverted Coma's performance at Fete de la Musique was great! The unplugged sets were barely audible.. so screw that. But eventhough the location of Stage 5 wasn't all that great, the band managed to draw a crowd in, and we even had people coming nearer to the stage to do a little dance. I bet it's a good feeling for them up there on the stage when you see your audience enjoying your music huh!

It was a tiring night, after plenty of hiccups and lotsa walking around the cobbled streets in town in my heels, my feet was aching when I finally got home. I swear. Why do girls even bother! Just for the sake of a trimmer silhoutte and a nice pert butt, we gotta endure these bloody 3-inch heels.

Anyways. All in all, I'd say that it was a night that ended pretty well. I'm gonna miss David when he leaves. What's gonna happen to the band? We've got exactly 2 months before he leaves to the States for Uni... Now that we've got Nat to fill up the Rhythm Guitarisit position, in no time, we've gotta start looking for someone to fill vox too. I think vox would be harder isn't it? Hmm.. Will the new person be a party-goer who will drink and party as much as David so then we can still go out and party together? Will the new person do a good Donald Duck impersonation when high? HAHAHA... Gosh gosh.

Hmm.. Inverted Coma is made of up 5 very different individuals - and their difference is what makes them so unique. I mean, you'd never think that a punk party-goer like David would hang out with a Pharmacy student like Jason now did you? And then Jason the Mr. Whatever-I-Don't-Care, and Julian.. Julian the.. ermm.. HAHAHA. Julian is funny man! And then we have Natalie.. Nat is all prim and proper and lady-like. But what brings them together is the music and their passion for making music together. Gosh it's great! And I love them all! Big hugs to them all!

With this entry, I wish them all the very best. Forever and ever.. for as long as they decide to make music together. I wish David didn't have to go.. But I guess he's gotta go to Uni right?

Oh, damn. Why am I all emotional today?

Posted by Doreen at 3:03 pm