Friday, June 25, 2004

I hate rushing

It's been two very ugly days here in the office. Really, of late, I've been seeing and hearing many people say, "What can go wrong, will go wrong!" How true! *sobs and wails*

Today is even worse. Christ. I hate this advertising and the media in times like this. You got your client pushing you towards the deadline. You got the people from the press pushing you to hand in materials on time. And who ever thinks of the people who get stucked in the middle. With two fat giants squashing us.. It's no pretty sight.

But as I sit here and blog while the team is working, I feel so useless, so helpless! This entire freaking ad is in Chinese. I can't read, write, let alone type! Damn Chinese newspapers!

After this, gotta rush back home, pick up my bags hurriedly and then rush down PJ with Angela. Grandfather isn't doing too good in the hospital. Mom called me early this morning telling me that I ought to go to Penang to see grandfather. They think he won't have many days left. Plus, he mentioned me and my sisters to my youngest aunt who was with him to get us all to the hospital soon. I've got tonnes to do here. Plus, I gotta cancel my weekend DJ-ing stint! I know it's my responsibility to be there.. If I don't, I'll feel so guilty for life for not seeing him once last time despite the old man requesting to see us. But who's head is gonna roll when things at work are not in place?

Last night after work drove to see R. Went with Lewis to discuss possible business opportunities and ventures that we can do with him. Our meeting lasted about 1.5 hours, and towards the end when us three were a bit more relaxed and almost done with talking about work, R would make certain comments along the way, intended to ermm.. "disturb" me. I knew I was blushing hard cos my face would heat up everytime makes those comments. And R would even point out that I'm blushing... all in the presence of Lewis.

Anyways. It felt good. HAHA.

I've got to run. Shit.

Posted by Doreen at 5:07 pm