Monday, July 12, 2004

Them Biblical Characters

Early in the morning, just as I clocked in for work, Stephen was signing in too. At 9:00am on a Monday morning, he managed to piss me off. "Are you all done with the design of the magazine yet?" he asked.

I looked at him in bewilderment. "Stephen, we don't work on Saturdays and Sundays, and you only just gave all the materials to us on Thursday!"

"But we need it in time for the Convocation 2 weeks from now," he answered.

"Yes, but you only just gave materials to us on Thursday, we are churning out a 20 something page magazine, not doing a 2+2 mathematical formula," I told him.

Then, I scowled at Moses and Rachel today while in a meeting. Real pain they are! Urgh. Can't stand, can't stand them! "But Doreen, we already briefed you on this before? Don't you remember?"

Sure you have. And in the words of David, if I were a guy, I would have said to them, "Oh? Was that before or after you sucked my left nut?"

So then I showed my displeasure while in the boardroom. Anderson wrote me a nice email.. Telling me I should cool it. He said that my displeasure was felt in the room. Damn right it was felt. I mean, it was supposed to show them both idiots how I felt. I hate people who push me around. Hey, I'm born to be vocal and expressive!

Anderson even went to the extent of calling me a "bomb asset" - saying that I'm an asset to the company, but don't know when I'll go off. HAHA. I find it hillarious. He was right.. He asked me to hang in there.. He said he'll let me be hands on on the things that I will enjoy doing - creative writing, editor of an upcoming magazine we're producing, more hands-on for event management, etc.

But anyways, I told him I'll try be nice. I take his advice in good faith, cos I know that I really do need to control my emotions, my anger to be exact. In fact, I think one of these days I'll ask Anderson if we can take them all out to a nice sit-down Chinese restaurant lunch. Just to make things better you know? But I'm just afraid I'll get indigestion if we sit around the same table and eat. OK OK, I'll stop being so nasty to them.

Another company has offered me a job.. Through contacts I got an itnerview lined up. They are giving me a couple of hundred bucks more than what I'm getting now. But it's a shit job. It's very technical.. The company deals with Calibration equipment! Damn. How boring is that gonna be? But oh, I get a Operations Manager designation too. And it's hell far! All the way in Shah Alam, past Terminal 3 and all... Some 50kms from where I'm staying at the moment.

I've yet to see the official Offer Letter. Once I get that in my hands, I'll have a few more days to decide I suppose.

So anyway, I had a good weekend. Friday night was out partying and drinking, Saturday night.. ermm.. again getting high (haha!), Sunday had bowling, movies, pretty good.

Posted by Doreen at 4:14 pm