Thursday, July 08, 2004

Grannies and Lawn Bowl

I suddenly opened my eyes and darted my glance towards the clock in my room. Phew. 8:30am. Thank goodness I'm not late. Yet. HAHA. I jumped out of bed, scurried about my room, in out of the bathroom, and managed to leave the house by 9:00am. Needless to say, I clocked in at about 9:15. Late. Tsk tsk.

It's been a quick week, already Thursday. Tiring. Lots of mundane works going on at the office, oh, just the usual you know. Then of late, our other business has been picking up. Lots of projects coming in... Even though the job is not yet confirmed, we've got to put in our best to present a nicely done up proposal for them to view.

The rainy weather around the Valley hasn't been doing me good. I hate driving around in wet weather. I hate low visibility driving. And when the rain comes, I don't like to go out to places like Bangsar where you park you car in A and walk to B. Which means, I haven't gotten my dose of alcohol all week! Usually, my midweek parties in Bangsar happen on Tuesday or Wednesday nights! But due to the rain the past few nights, nothing's been happening. Sad.

Oh god. I sound like an alcoholic don't I?

Oh no! I still haven't met up with Jaclyn and Jimmy! I'm so unorganized. Yes I know, I don't have to make a public announcement of something that is already known.. But I just felt like saying it. HAHA. I've got heaps of stuff that I need to do, and just haven't gotten around doing it you know?

When I die, I think whoever that reads my eulogy will be saying something like, "Her greatest contribution to mankind will be her skills of procrastination - don't we all just love her for that?"
Isn't it great to be remembered for something so noble? Oohh.. Can't wait. HAHAHAH.

This weekend should be nice and slow... Got a whole Saturday without any plans or appointments lined up. Urgh. Except Sunday. Gotta make my Presidential appearance at the bowling tournament the Alumni committee organizes every year. It'll be like.. Ooohh..Check out Ms. President in her tacky looking bowling shoes. You know, I never understood why people wear them shoes? They're ugly! Urgh *shudders* It makes me feel like an old granny playing lawn bowl in the local community centre where oldies hang out on a Sunday morning *shudders further*

Posted by Doreen at 4:01 pm