Thursday, July 29, 2004

Even dogs have better days!

Froggy was found dead at 11:10am on 29 July 2004, floating motionless in his little tank. I took it to the toilet and flushed him down the toilet. Sigh. May he rest in peace.

I'm ultra sleepy. Crawled into bed at about 3:30am, managed to read a chapter of "Mental Case" till my eyelids could take no more. Needless to say, I woke up late this morning. When I finally opened my eyes and glanced at the clock, it read 9:00am. Cursed myself for staying out so late, and as usual, rushed like a mad woman. Bad enough as it is that the previous night was also a late one. I think if I were to be staying at home, I would be grounded. HAHA. Not kidding! Dad will still ground me at 23, and even though I'm no longer a student! I think. Hehe...

Yesterday, while presenting an FA to the 2 Biblical characters, I got shit - again, but who's counting? But I amazed myself in the way I handled them - I held my breathe and bit my tongue as I refrained from saying much except the occassional nod. Despite a burning desire inside me to lash out - to say what I want to say, to say what I think, I shut up. To me, it's an accomplishment. Of course, I came back to the office and bitched about it to everyone else. HAHAHA.

Later that night, my anger management skills got tested again. Made an appointment to see Al at about 10:00, right after I finish class. I didn't hear from him. At 10:15, though I'd drop him an SMS to ask him if he's on the way. He replied "Yeah..."
I thought "Fine, I'll give him another 15 minutes to get here". Got dressed, and waited.

11:00am. No sight of that idiot. I wasn't angry yet. It just striked me as odd that's all. So I rang him, and it rang and rang for ages before a "Hello" came on. "Where are you?" I asked. Meekly he said, "Eerr.. Still in SJ". I muttered an OK and hung up. I threw a mineral bottle water at a small standing mirror and it shattered to pieces. That was how angry I was. I watch my chest rise and drop as I took huge breaths, trying to contain myself. This is the first time I destroyed something in anger. It felt good. Damn bloody good.

So I succeeded in not lashing out and screaming at him over the phone, but I didn't do too good personally eh? I was thinking, I'm gonna take revenge. When he calls to say that he's arrived, I'm gonna go into the shower and take my time. Who cares if I already had one? But then, I didn't do that in the end. He called to say that he's sorry and that he's arriving very soon. Al never usually apologizes, so then I thought, what the hell. He's sorry. So I let it go. But when I got into the car I was screaming.. HAHA. Nothing too serious though and I even gave him a big smack on his arm.

Just came back from lunch. As I entered the basement parking in the office, another car reversed into me without looking if there's any oncoming traffic. Argh. I'm so mad. I know accidents happen, and this isn't my car! It was some student driving. So he offered to pay for the damages. But it's just so frustrating. I went to the fish shop to get some Neon Tetras and was excited thinking about 10 of them fishies swimming in the aquarium. Then shit happened.

Just not my day eh?

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