Monday, August 02, 2004

Gender what...?

Anderson sucks. His fiancee, Grace, called me up and told me she wanted to surprise him by dropping by the office. So she asked me for directions. Just so happen that when she called, he was seated at my desk briefing me about something. And when he heard I mention the word "Grace", he forced me to tell him what did she call me for.

How idiotic. Anyways, she wanted to give him a surprise visit, and he, upon finding out that she called me, insisted that I tell him what's up, else he's gonna call her directly.

So I argued with him for a while, kept telling him if I were to tell him, I'll be betraying a woman-to-woman trust. And he said that it's bollocks, and that Grace is his fiancee. Grr. Stupid man... and men too! :) But eventually I had to give in, only if he promised to act as though he knew nothing of it when she arrived. HAHA.

So now the whole office is out today. Anderson went off with Grace, so I presume he won't be back. Fresa is on MC. Isaac is rehearsing for tomorrow night's - 'Can You Hear The People Sing', and Lalitha has gone out of town. Woopie. It's just me.. All me. And this is gonna be so cool cos there are no works due anymore. For today that is.

Am talking this idiot online. Just chatted me up out of no where.. So then we were talking for a bit. Suddenly asked if I had a boyfriend. I said that I'm not exactly seeing anyone at the moment. His next question was supposed to be "Oh, just wanted to ask if you are still a virgin".

I gave him a piece of my mind. What kind of a question is that supposed to be? What has me being a virgin or not got to do with him, someone whom I met online in the last few hours? Does he really reckon that I'll tell him?

I'm not exactly pissed at his intended question. But the fact that there are still men like these out here in our society today? It's like they are still stuck in their caves with a Neanderthal mind. If I were to answer that I am seeing someone at the moment, his next question will be "Are you still a virgin?" Damn! I wonder what sort of an answer is he expecting. If I say YES, will he doubt me and think that I'm lying cos all girls who have boyfriends will eventually end up in bed with their partner? If I say NO, will he criticise my principles in life and give me a lecture on premarital sex?

Ever heard David Tao's "Katrina"? It's an English track, and I find it nice.

Last night, we were at this mamak behind my house discussing divorce issues. I was telling the rest that I want a pre-nuptial agreement signed before I get married. Afterall, marriage is a contract. And like all businesses, you will need to sign a contract before you go into partnership with someone right? So a pre-nup is a must in today's high-divorce rate society.

Then we went into the issue of how men are supposed to pay maintenance and whatnot. Even if he is earning a measly lowly income. As long as she filed for divorce cos he was cheating, he has to pay maintenance to keep in her in the lifestyle that they were living prior to the divorce. HAHA. The guys were complaining about it last night, and went on about saying that "Damn these laws already protect women and yet women are fighting for equality and whatnot!"

But who's fighting for gender equality? I know I'm not. I'm happy with the way things are. Pascal and Fujia told me that women are at an advantage because we can use our emotions, body and all, to get what we want easily - we have it easier than men they say. Needless to say!

Sometimes it just helps us get things done easier if we smile a little bit more, be more "flirtatious", maybe a little bit of cleavage. I mean, who's to blame? We have audience, so we keep doing it. Where there is demand, there will be supply. Men subject themselves to this, and yet now they're complaining?

I suppose divorce laws generally protect women. Civil laws that is.. We're not even going to the Islamic Syariah laws yet! But the Syariah court favours men. I was talking to Henry this morning, and he has been divorced twice. He once saw a Muslim man walked out of the courtroom in a very cheerful mood because the man only needs to pay RM2000 to his wife. That is for the whole year's expenses, and to raise 4 children. What kind of rubbish is this?

Anyways. I'm gonna hit the rooftop for some fresh air now : )

Aren't these doggies just so adorable?! HAHAHA.

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