Thursday, August 05, 2004

Thou shalt not...

Thou shalt not stay out till 5am in the morning on a weeknight. Thou shalt not get out of bed later than 8am every morning irregardless of the ungodly bedtime hour.

Yes, yes, it's my fault that I don't feel all that good, and that my eyelids are so heavy! Never should have agreed to gone out at 1:00am last night! Oughta have an early one tonight... Tomorrow is gonna be another long day and night.

I'm excited about this weekend. From here, it looks mighty fine and dandy.. *lol*
Anderson's friend from Australia is coming to KL tomorrow.. and I'll be doing a little bit of babysitting for Anderson. A Vietnamese-Aussie bloke. Don't know him, don't know how he looks like, I thought it'd be better if I rope Angela in. At least if he's boring or off-putting, I'll have company. HAHA. Then when Anderson joins us later in the night, we oughta be around town for drinks.. Most likely his usual haunts like Savanh and Passion.

I'm gonna go check out this tattoo shop with Gina on Saturday. Don't know what this shop in Mont Kiara is called, Borneo Ink or something or the other..? I heard they are pretty good. Prices are also steep. But Anderson knows Eddie, one of the owners, so I'm hoping to get some discounts. If all goes well, I may end up having a tattoo done on Saturday itself! But hmm.. It's not a bad idea to source for other options first. Eeek... I'm so excited!

Posted by Doreen at 2:48 pm