Monday, August 16, 2004

It's Done - No Turning Back!

The deed is done. I went to Eddie and he's left a permanent work of art on my left ankle. When he saw my half-moon shape design I got off the net, he said he'll help me draw something nicer, something more new-school.. and so a customised design is born.

Did I hear you say something? Paste the picture up here on my blog? No way! I don't want some stranger in Timbaktu copying this design! So if you'd like to see, I'll email you a picture of it.

As I sat on the reclining chair, and as Eddie said, "Ready?" (to which I muttered a muffled "Uh huh"), he pushed the needle and the ink right thru.. and that was when I realised how much I've missed that stinging sensation and the loud buzz of that piston-looking thing. It was wo-ah, explosive!

I felt every puncture the needle made as Eddie steadily guided his hands around the design he drew... then after a while, my endorphins kicked in, and then well, it didn't hut quite as much anymore. He outlined, he coloured, and he shaded.. and it took less than 30 minutes I reckon. I wish it didn't have to end so fast! It's like.. my high was suddenly interrupted when the buzzing stopped. I was like, "Damn! Is that all?"

Eddie's a cool dude. All the staff at Borneo Ink are superb! If you're a first timer, they'll make you feel even more at ease - whether you're getting a tattoo or a piercing done. Eddie does a good job too.. He's very detailed and meticulous with his designs, plus he's been doing this for the past 8 years! Therefore, I'd definitely recommend Borneo Ink if you're thinking of body art and modifications.

Been in a meeting all morning.. Have got barely 45 minutes to catch up on my work before I rush off to another meeting... Waste of my time!

Posted by Doreen at 2:09 pm