Friday, September 24, 2004

Much Ado About Doreen...

What Inspires You?
Doreen, you're inspired by Being a Trailblazer
Were you the kind of kid who was always starting up lemonade stands or selling candy bars door-to-door? Even if you weren't an early entrepreneur you definitely like doing things your own way. And why shouldn't you? There's a huge rush when taking (somewhat calculated) risks and heading into uncharted territory - whether that means starting your own business, or just heading to some underdeveloped mystical and magical vacation spot. With your creativity, vision, and loads of leadership skills, you're a natural at knowing how to get everyone - your friends, your family, or your co-workers - on board with your plans. Of course, that probably also has to do with that positive vibe you're projecting. So keep moving to your own beat. With a pulse as strong as yours, others are sure to follow.

What's Your Vibe?
Doreen, your vibe is Burgundy Chic
You're one class act - the perfect balance of a cool, casual attitude and an elegant, polished style. There's a certain grace in almost everything you do. It's true, you make things look easy - even when they're not.

And while there's nothing flashy about how you present yourself, you never fail to dazzle most people you meet. You tend to take life as it comes - and it's not easy to throw you off course. A strong sense of self and a hearty dose of confidence help you handle whatever comes your way. And usually, look good doing it.

Who's Your Music Match?
Doreen, your music match is a Hot Hip-Hopper
The world of hip-hop won't be the same after you bust on the scene. With your unique blend of personality and upbeat energy, you put a new spin on anything just like your music match Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas. Spontaneous and energetic, you have a good time mixing it up. Whether you're hanging with your girls, shopping at the mall, or chilling at home, you know how to liven up even the dullest of moments. All your friends know that there's no such thing as boring when you're around. You're like a breath of fresh air who makes the same old, same old seem totally new. And that's how you get the party started!

What's Your Signature City?
Doreen, your signature city is Los Angeles
Lights, camera, action! A mover and shaker like you will enjoy being front and center in a scene that has lots of things to do and plenty of places to go. Maybe you also like to treat yourself to a little pampering every now and again. Who wouldn't? From new purchases to a personal trainer to a massage or spa treatment, a little luxury now and again doesn't feel too bad, now does it? Distinctive tastes like yours would have a field day in star-studded, sun-soaked Los Angeles. Whether you're shopping on Rodeo Drive, going out with friends on the Sunset Strip, or taking in the sights of Hollywood, the City of Angels is packed with tons of attractions that are right up your cutting-edge alley. From the beautiful beaches to its glamorous inhabitants, you'll feel right at home in your signature city.

Posted by Doreen at 5:09 pm