Friday, September 03, 2004

We Need A Mini Bar!

Despite the public holiday middle of this week making it a 4-working day week, it's been one heeeeeeeeeeeellluva ride! Do I like it? Hate it? Or what? Uhm. Honestly, I don't even know. There are times when it's thrilling and exciting and I just throw my hands up in the air and go "Wheeeeee!", and then there are times when I just wanna get off the ride and throw up in someone's face.

Oh well. Here's to another Friday *cheers*... *gulp*... *burp* HAHAHA. (Yeah right! I wish I had a mini bar in my office... Maybe I should propose this to Anderson, you know, increase the morale of staff.. *lol*)

It's almost 7pm on a Friday night. Of late, I have no life. I mean, who stays back in the office on a Friday night? And the best part, I have no plans. Uh oh. Very bad. Then again, I don't want an ultra-happening night. I just want a nice and quiet R & R. Well, gonna be working on Saturday and Sunday as well... So don't want nothing too strenuous.

I'm gonna talk about Jane again. Jane and Jill were once colleagues and became very good friends. Recently Jill left the job for another one. There was this one night, Jill brought her new friends along for a night out and asked Jane along. Jane hit it off real well with Jill's friends. Therefore Jane's new friends call her out at times, without Jill. Jane however always makes it a point to call Jill along should she go out with the friends but Jill always refuse time after time, always ending with snide remarks.

So anyway, Jill now harbours hatred towards Jane, for "stealing" her friends. Jane is hurt by Jill's actions.. seeing Jill's ugly true self is very hurtful and disappointing.

Who can we blame if certain people click better with some, and not so well with some? When you mix and match your friends, isn't this expected? Why do some people feel so inferior and feel the need to always be in the centre of attention, and have this mentality that you can't go out with them without me cos they are my friends first? You get my drift? Damn. I find this childish. Utterly childish.

But poor Jane, so torn and lost. She's been crying, and having dreams about this whole thing too! She even dreamt that she walked right up to Jill and erased all their contacts from her mobile phone and then said "Here, I'm giving you back your friends!" before walking off.

Great. Someone just pissed me off big time. Time to head off. Here's to a good weekend *cheers*... *gulp*... *burp* DAMN! WE NEED A MINI BAR IN THE OFFICE!

Posted by Doreen at 6:50 pm