Tuesday, September 21, 2004


The other day while at work at Bukit Raja Shopping Centre, I bought sushi and sat out in foyer to eat while I people watch and since it's pretty cooling because it had just stopped raining then.

A Malay couple sat at the bench next to mine - young, probably around 17 or 18. Girl was nagging at boyfriend about something or the other, so boyfriend turned away and looked off into the distance. The girlfriend uttered something like, "You're not going home are you? Fine then, I'll take a bus home!"

But she still sat there. She meddled with her mobile phone for a few moments, and then slid her hands under his arm. "Sorry bang, marah ke?" (read: Sorry honey, are you mad at me?" in her most childlike voice.

Goddamit. Where is your pride girl? You just shouted at him and told him you were gonna take the bus home! Why don't you just get up, leave and catch your stupid bus home? It is because of girls like this that men think they are more powerful, more superior. Heck. It's a small matter. But it sure as hell got me annoyed. But luckily that didn't affect the taste of my sushi.

The weekend has been good. I've got people come up to me and asked me about my DJing charges and my contact number - at both places! While I was at 1U, a lady who's a Marketing person from Popular came and told me they always organise events and roadshows and could use a bilingual, or even trilingual DJ/MC. Then while at Bukit Raja, two men came to me and asked me for a card and if I'm doing this full time, or merely freelancing. Woo hoo. I'm getting noticed!

The underwriting signing ceremony for the client went really well yesterday. Guess what was the main attraction? The multimedia presentation. Guess who did the voice-over? Muahaha. Me.

Anyways, as I sat there at the Press Reception desk, making sure I give out press kits and souvenirs to all the journalists that came, and also making sure they get my name card and being nice and all to them. I thought to myself a few times, "YUCK. This is so not me. What was all that garbage that I just said to them? All with an oh-so-fake smile!"

"Oh hiiiiiiii! Thanks for coming yeah! Makan already? Aiyor, what a nice dress!"

Damn. I don't care if you've had lunch. And I think that is the most hideous dress that you are wearing! But of course, I'm getting paid. The company is getting paid for the job.

And then when I went into the bathroom at the hotel, a few of the Merchant bank's Public Affairs staff were there.. they busily powdered their face and reapplied lipstick, while waving their cigarettes in the air and bitching about God knows what.

Well, that's your PR ladies.. Hmm, I then also thought about Samantha from Sex & The City. Muahahaha. Wild sex maniac.

Posted by Doreen at 4:06 pm