Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Some Wet Thoughts...

... pun intended... *grins*

Big fat raindrops continue splashing down. As I stood by the window, I saw streams of water cascading downhill on the tar road. My red little car stood solitary on that stretch of road, alone, in the cold as the raindrops incessantly continued pouring from the skies above. Poor car.

It would be nice to now cuddle in bed with a good book (or man!) and a cuppa. It would be blissful to soak in a hot tub with an ice cold beer in my hands! Or indulge by running in the outdoors and playing in the rain.

Anything but being trapped here in the office. Or being trapped in the insanity of the traffic congestion out on the roads for that matter.

Posted by Doreen at 6:50 pm