Monday, September 13, 2004

Worms on Monster's Head!

When the alarm sprang to life at 8 this morning, I dreaded coming to work - suddenly reality hit me hard in the face. It's Monday morning and I've got to go to work. She will be there sitting at her desk right in front of me. I dread seeing her. I dread having her all smiley and pretending to be nice when she's not!

But what the heck. If I don't wanna have to face people like her, then I might as well not work for the rest of my life. So I braced myself, wore all black (it gives me confidence) and strut into the office cheery and wished everyone good morning.

I saw the mob of curly black hair on her head turn into worms and they crawled all over her head, them black squiggly creepy crawlies. I saw her fangs as she smiled at me. It glinted under the light and I thought I saw a drop of blood at the tip of one fang. When she said good morning, I heard a sinister evil laugh. But it's OK. As ugly as she looked, and as scaredy-cat as I am, this is one monster I will learn to not be afraid of.

The day has gone by rather well.. Our paths did not cross much. Anderson hasn't yet said anything to me regarding the email I sent to him. Maybe he's just lying low and observing for a while. I hope he is. Please, please make him do something to improve the situation... I hate the feeling of coming to work everyday having to watch my back like that.

But I'm sure it'll be OK. In time. I've got a bunch of good people at work, angels in disguise, and I'm sure they all know who they are. With them around, the monster don't seem to be so scary anymore.

Posted by Doreen at 5:52 pm