Thursday, September 23, 2004

Excessive Tartar

So I was reading Jordan's blog with his latest entry being "Hi, it's me, I missed the train".. HAHA. Anyways, he was commenting about how a dead man called his family when they were mourning for him thinking that he was run over by a train.

So I read up the news here, but didn't find it quite amusing cos I've heard about stuff like that happening before.. You know, the dead coming back to live and all, turns out it's human error or some misunderstanding and miscommunication along the way.

That is till I got to the end.

Toronto police are now looking for the true identity of the victim. They describe the dead man as white, six feet tall, 180 lbs., age 40-45, with receding short brownish red hair, a beard and extensive tartar build up on his teeth.


It's Thursday.. yet I'm not exactly looking forward to the weekend knowing that I'm working for 2 days again on Saturday and Sunday. Hmmm. All this extra work IS taking a toll on me. OK, so initially I thought, "It can't be that hard - you just step up to the mic and talk and talk... I mean, c'mon, you don't use up that much of energy!" Now I know otherwise.

But I need to do it.

For money.

For experience.

For exposure.

Posted by Doreen at 4:54 pm